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  • Local cuisine and cooking class

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  • 1 person (or more) bookings - Monohull

  • Professional, experienced, local skipper

  • DIY meals

  • Provisioning package: BASIC

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brown ruin building during daytime
brown ruin building during daytime



Athens - the capital city of Greece, the womb of modern, western civilisation, as we know it. The history, the legends the aura of this magnificent metropolis...

And then the magnificent islands around it, with an abundance of archaeological sides and culture. Take a look below for the itinerary and imagine a journey, not only in amazing places, but also a different time period...

a view of a roman ampule with people walking around it
a view of a roman ampule with people walking around it


Saturday: AEGINA

WELCOME ABOARD! We will welcome you on your yacht at 1700, have a nice welcoming glass of bubbly and a snack and then we head off immediately for Aegina, where we will be spending the night in Agia Marina. A 30min walk from one of the highlights of the trip, the Temple of Aphaia, this is also a perfect spot for a nice stroll in the small alleys and amazing, authentic Greek food at the local tavernas and restaurants.

a tree that is sitting in the grass
a tree that is sitting in the grass
the ruins of the ancient city of delphinia
the ruins of the ancient city of delphinia


Early wake up for a morning walk to Aphaia archaeological site. At 1100 we leave for our next destination, Epidauros. First though we have our swim/lunch stop for a cool down in the Greek turquoise waters and then another one to explore the sunken city, near the Epidauros harbour. A stroll overnight and a nice Greek dinner, before we get some rest for the long day that awaits us on Monday.


Another early wake up call for our 40min drive to the utter highlight of our trip, the ancient theatre of Epidauros and its museum. By lunch time we are back to the boat for a quick bite before we head off for a quick swim stop and then our next destination, Methana. The town has a few things to offer, including wonderful tavernas and a couple of bars to have a well deserved drink, after this long day.

Tuesday: POROS

Today we take it a bit easier, after the first hectic days. We visit the 19th century Favieros castle, from the times of the Greek Independence War before we head off for Poros where we spend the day and visit its wonders including The Russian Naval Base, the Temple of Poseidon, the Monastery of Panagia Zoodochos Pigi, the Clock Tower, the Archaeological Museum, the Municipal Library as well as the Shell Exhibition.

Wednesday: ERMIONI

Leaving Poros a bit later in the morning, after that night out and head off to an anchorage where we spend most of our day snorkelling around, having lunch and chill. And then we head to the quiet Ermioni for a night at a small village where life moves a bit slower and have a wonderful, resting night.


Just before lunchtime, we have our cooking class, with the best mama chef around in our opinion. But yet the best is to come... The reason why we love this lifestyle... Having a yacht and visiting a harbour every night is good fun; but what about a night under the clear sky, just looking at the stars above and mesmerise? Beware, you may become addicted to it, even by doing it once!

woman in black tank top and blue denim shorts standing near brown concrete building during daytime
woman in black tank top and blue denim shorts standing near brown concrete building during daytime

Friday: ATHENS

This is our last day sailing. We wake up in the morning for breakfast and a short swim and then we head of to another anchorage for some more swimming and chilling until lunch. We head back to Athens before sunset, where we will spend our last night onboard. Be prepared... Athens has an exciting nightlife. Remember to be back on the yacht before 0900 on Saturday! :)

Good Vibes Only sand text
Good Vibes Only sand text

Saturday: ATHENS

Time to say goodbye... Check out at 0900. Yes, this is the hardest part of the trip; for all of us. We may say goodbye to this magnificent land, yet the memories from this experience, would live with us forever. With one last promise...


blue ocean water under blue sky during daytime
blue ocean water under blue sky during daytime

*Important Note: Please keep in mind that, this is a sample itinerary. Weather, time of the year, the amount of boats in the water; all these affect this itinerary. We prefer keeping it safe and enjoyable, away from extreme weather conditions and excessive crowds.




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